Gas Water Heaters Designed for Professionals By Professionals

With the introduction of the new Rheem Professional Product Line, you now have a full range of gas models organized into three product tiers (Prestige, Classic Plus and Classic) to make selling and upselling easier. And you can’t miss the bold new look of the Rheem Professional. It’s beauty and brains will drive sales for your business. Advanced diagnostics, enhanced-flow brass drain valves and maintenance free FVIR system make the new Professional line an attractive choice for busy plumbers. Having the largest selection of ENERGY STAR® models ensures homeowners can reduce their energy costs and greenhouse emissions for years to come. That’s Rheem ingenuity... And then some.

Vent Hood

Connects the water heater to the venting system. It aids in assisting in the updraft movement of the combustion gasses

Plastic Line Nipples/ Heat Traps

Thermoplastic lined nipples impede galvanic corrosion. “Heat trap” nipples also contain a check valve to reduce heat loss between hot water in the tank and cold water pipes.

Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

Commonly referred to as the “T&P” valve. This safety device opens to allow water to escape if the tank pressure or temperature becomes excessive.

Exclusive Rheemglas® Porcelain Enamel Tank Lining

Engineered for durability and long tank life.

Cold Water Inlet and Dip Tube

The connection point for incoming cold water. The inlet connects directly to a dip tube which directs the incoming water to the bottom of the tank.

Anode Rod

the patented R-tech anode rod protects tank against premature corrosion.

Gas Control/Thermostat

Maintains desired temperature of the water by regulating the flow of fuel to the burner.

Flue Baffle

Slows air movement through the flue. By keeping the combustion gases in the flue longer, more heat is transferred to the water in the tank.

Enhanced-Flow Brass Drain Valve

Allows the tank to be emptied should service be required.

EverKleen™ Self Cleaning System

This patented system creates a turbulent swirling action that reduces sediment and improves efficiency.


Senses the presence or absence of the pilot flame to determine whether it is OK for the gas valve to open.

Burner Assembly

Heats the water in the tank by using a flame from either natural gas or liquid propane.

The Rheem Guardian System

Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance

Guardian is the best-in-class FVIR System that’s engineered to exceed ANSI standards.

Exclusive, Air Shut-Off System

It shuts off gas and air supplies – providing double protection.

Flame Arrestor Plate

A specially-designed flame arrestor prevents ignition of vapors outside the combustion chamber.

Superior Air Filtration

It prevents the flame arrestor from becoming clogged by lint, dust and oil.

Maintenance-Free! No Filters to Clean!

Guardian System has no filters to service, replace or clean.

Standard Replacement Parts

Guardian System incorporated a standard gas valve and Thermocouple – easy to replace

It’s Easy to Light

No matches are required with the Rheem Guardian System.


  • Guardian System models are high altitude compliant – some models certified for applications up to 6,000 and 10,200 feet above sea level.
  • Zero clearance to combustibles, rear and side.
  • Energy efficient! Get more hot water at a lower operating cost!
  • Available on most Rheem gas water heater models.