Domestic Hot water systems


If you have an apartment or villa you will have many bathrooms and kitchens which need hot water, The old solution was purchasing a water heater for each one but nowadays there are other options for that, Its Central domestic hot water systems (DHW) which cost is better neither in capital cost nor running cost also.


What Is central domestic hot water systems:

Its a system consist of a central boiler which is not a huge one its just only 60 cm diameter and the height differs from capacity to another.

This boiler delivers hot water to all the buildings so the hot water pipes for all bathrooms and kitchens are connected to a central pipe.

One of the most common questions is if the boiler located far away from a bathroom will I wait a long time for the hot water to reach my bathrooms?! ... and the question is of course not because we design a return hot water line pipe by an engineering way which guarantees that you will have the hot water when you open tap almost immediately ( you may wait for 10 seconds).

The system consists of :

  1. Boiler or storage hot water tank ( the main source of heating )
  2. Circulation pump ( the one which circulates the hot water on the pipes so when you open the tap you will get the hot water immediately )
  3. Control panel ( control when the circulating pump on and when its off so it reduces the running gas cost ).


What are the benefits of central domestic hot water systems?

  1. Reduce both capital and running costs.
  2. Save spaces on bathrooms and kitchens.
  3. Get hot water immediately when the tap is opening.
  4. Safe solution.


Types of central domestic hot water products

  1. Storage gas boiler.

 Its a stand-alone boiler that has a built-in burner and the gas are connected to it. So no need for another heat source. Coil x delivers two brands of this solution ( Rheem Gas boiler and Ariston Gas boiler).


  1. Storage heat exchanger

            A tank with a coil inside it which is the heat source for the tank. This solution need external heat source such as a wall-mounted gas boiler ( which used in the                central heating system, Electrical heater or solar collector).