Our Services


- High quality products .
- effective designs .
- Designing and installation gurantee.
- after sales services.
- High response to customer complaint.
- Qualified Engineering staff.
- Qualified workers.
- italian heating products .
- Creative solutions.
- Free maintenance.

Thanks for our clients for being a part of our success and we were a part of their success too Our clients list doesn`t need to be described. It is made up of honest and serious work through a team that always seek to development to finally reach the list in front of you. It is not the end, it is the beginning. Our clients Each of these names added something to us that can not be described as Experience or professionalism , but we call it nothing more than ambition and challenge. Finally ,our clients ,you are most welcome for us ,for coil x.
our vision is to be the most company make their clients satisfied and happy and to lead the industry that we make on the whole world.
Our team in a mission to provide the whole luxury life for our customer which is making their life cozy and more happier by keeping smart system for Heating in winter or air conditions in summer so the mission is not impossible.
coil x team are work contiounsly to improve Heating system and AC solution to Reduce capital and running cost as much as possible , improve the effeciency , you can check our solution from the upper webinar.
Why we choose coil x as a name of our company , we think alot about our name and we found that the coil is the main component on all of heating and air conditioning system so we choosed the fist name coil then we choose " x " Because x means in mathmatics variaties and alot of values and we are the company that works on booth Heaing and air conditionig system so " x " was the best letter or word to complete our name , so we choosed " coil x "

Our Achievements

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Heating Project
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